Classificcerbedrijf Joosten – Ship Cleaners

Welcome to the website belonging to the ship-cleaning company Joosten. This site contains a lot of information about our company’s activities.

Joosten has been in the ship-cleaning business since 1952 and has become a household word in shipping circles in Delfzijl and farther afield.

Joosten is a medium-sized, dynamic company that pays a great deal of attention to its customers, environmental issues and logistics. It specializes in providing shipyards, government bodies, the maritime sector and private individuals appropriate solutions to all their environmental, preservation, cleaning and logistics problems.

Our services include the following activities:

General vacuum cleaning:

  • cleaning and extracting gases from engine rooms
  • cleaning tanks, pipes, floors, walls and cellars
  • extracting gases from various systems
  • cleaning lock and bridge vaults
  • cleaning oil and water separators
  • combating oil spills on road surfaces and surface water

General high-pressure cleaning < 500 bar:

  • cleaning underwater ships and deadworks
  • cleaning decks, deck houses, holds and tanks

General hydrojet cleaning < 2500 bar:

  • removal of paint, rust and fouling from underwater ships and deadworks
  • removal of paint and rust from bridges, systems and various maritime items
  • roughening up concrete and cleaning bridge decks

General preservation:

  • underwater ship application and advice
  • preservation of deadworks, tanks and holds
  • preservation of bridges and various maritime items

General cleaning:

  • removing rust, degreasing and cleaning up smoke damage
  • surface treatment including scraping, cutting, scaling or grinding
  • cleaning under floor ceilings
  • desiccation and conditioning work for preservation purposes
  • repair waste removal


  • storage, transhipment and transportation of ship waste
  • supply and advice about tar, paints, diluents and degreasing agents
  • pump, steam cleaner and aerial access platform rental
  • emergency response, e.g. oil spill clean-up using oil-slick booms

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

More and more companies are opting to use the ship-cleaning services of Joosten.